Discover Ireland’s Champion Communities in Tidy Towns 2024

Who will win the Tidy Towns 2024 competition, and what innovative practices will lead them to victory? Get straight to the heart of this year’s most successful towns as we highlight their strides towards a cleaner and more engaged Ireland. Discover the stories and strategies that helped these towns stand out in one of the country’s most cherished community events.

Key Takeaways

Celebrating the Supervalu TidyTowns 2024

Celebrating the Supervalu TidyTowns 2024 Triumphs. Illustration of a vibrant, diverse community coming together for the TidyTowns competition.

The 2024 Supervalu TidyTowns competition will bring together communities across the nation in a display of unprecedented engagement. The participating groups will demonstrate a robust commitment to sustainability and community development, echoing the core values of the TidyTowns initiative.

This year’s competition will not just about winning titles but was also a celebration of community spirit, underlining the collective effort towards environmental care and sustainable living. The triumphs of this year’s competition will speak volumes about the resilience and dedication of our towns and the people who call them home.

The Supervalu TidyTowns Competition Overview

Established in 1958, the Supervalu TidyTowns competition has evolved significantly from its humble beginnings. Initially designed to improve the appearance of towns and villages, the competition has evolved into a platform encouraging local communities to create environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing areas.

The competition’s gradual alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals over the last six decades exemplifies its dedication to sustainability and environmental preservation. Today, the competition serves as a beacon of developmental initiative, fostering environmental consciousness, and awarding substantial accolades.

Honoring Ireland’s Tidiest Town

The honor of being Ireland’s tidiest town is a coveted title. In 2023, Abbeyleix was awarded this title, bringing immense pride to the town and the larger community of County Laois. The previous year, Trim, Co. Meath, held the honor, celebrated for its exceptional community spirit and cleanliness.

These towns, along with others like Killarney, have set high aspirations for future competitions, emphasizing the importance of aesthetics and ecological sustainability. Their achievements reflect the true essence of the TidyTowns competition: a blend of community spirit, environmental consciousness, and aesthetic enhancement.

Category Champions and Special Mentions

The TidyTowns competition acknowledges environmental stewardship through various awards. The All Ireland Pollinator Plan – Local Authority Pollinator Award and the Our Community Climate Action Award stand as testaments to initiatives promoting biodiversity and climate change actions, backed by substantial prize funds.

The competition also highlights various Special Awards such as the Waters and Communities Award, the SuperValu Diversity Award, and several others recognizing wide-ranging environmental and community enhancement initiatives. In the spirit of inclusivity, accolades like the Young Person’s Award and the Supervalu AsIAm Inclusive Communities Award celebrate future generations and inclusivity.

It’s more than an annual competition; it’s a powerful and uniting force, a celebration of unity, sustainability, and community spirit, as we pay tribute to the efforts of our participants, all brought together by this uniting force.

The Power of Community in Action

The Power of Community in Action. Photo of a group of volunteers working together to beautify and improve their local environment.

Instilling a sense of pride, the TidyTowns initiative contributes to an energetic community environment. The competition element, involving over 700 entrants per year on average, serves as a catalyst for progress and community cohesion.

The initiative exemplifies the potency of collective effort, demonstrating that united communities can achieve significant progress towards sustainable development. The TidyTowns competition is more than an annual event; it’s a powerful movement ingrained in the fabric of our towns and villages.

TidyTowns Groups: The Heartbeat of the Movement

TidyTowns groups are core to the movement. These groups, like those in Co Meath, actively demonstrate their deep commitment to improving and maintaining their local areas on an ongoing basis. Volunteers are the lifeblood of these groups, performing tasks ranging from litter picking to collaborating with local authorities for sustainable community development.

The achievements of towns such as Abbeyleix and Tralee bear witness to the profound commitment and diligence of the TidyTowns committees and volunteers. These stories of relentless commitment and achievement inspire other towns, fueling the growth of the TidyTowns movement.

The Role of Supervalu’s Valued Partnership

Since 1991, SuperValu has been a steadfast sponsor of the TidyTowns competition, reinforcing the program’s dedication to eco-friendly practices and sustainable community development. With its extensive network of local retailers, SuperValu nurtures and sustains dynamic local communities in support of the TidyTowns initiative.

SuperValu’s contributions to TidyTowns include:

Under the leadership of the managing director, the company has become integral to the TidyTowns brand.

A Special Allocation for Continued Efforts

To further support the TidyTowns initiative, additional funding was provided to TidyTowns groups. This special allocation is earmarked specifically for:

  • Enhancing green spaces
  • Parks
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainable living projects

Projects such as the cultivation of wildflower meadows and pollinator-friendly plantings underline the environmental advantages associated with the TidyTowns initiative. Such continued efforts and allocations reflect the commitment to not just maintain, but to enhance the sustainable development of our towns.

The Grand Event: Celebrations at Croke Park

The Grand Event: Celebrations at Croke Park. Illustration of an award ceremony at Croke Park, with people celebrating the TidyTowns winners and participants.

Croke Park was brimming with an electrifying atmosphere as communities gathered to celebrate their TidyTowns achievements. The grand event featured live music, speeches, and presentations, contributing to a festive and inclusive environment, making it a special moment for all attendees.

Dedicated individuals from towns and villages across Ireland were recognized and honored for their commitment to the TidyTowns initiative. The event live streamed its success and exhilaration nationwide, allowing those who couldn’t be present to join in the festivities.

A Truly Great Achievement: The Award Ceremony

The SuperValu TidyTowns awards ceremony at Croke Park in Dublin is a much-anticipated event every year, attended by over 600 TidyTowns volunteers. The Minister for Rural and Community Development congratulated the overall winner, Abbeyleix, highlighting the town’s demonstration of:

  • innovation
  • sustainability
  • community spirit
  • volunteerism

Winners and recipients of the Special Awards are celebrated at the annual SuperValu TidyTowns Awards ceremony. The announcement of Ireland’s tidiest town is the highlight of the national ceremony held every September.

Reflections from the Winners

Winning the title of Ireland’s Tidiest Large Town, Killarney’s volunteers experienced immense pride during the celebrations at Croke Park. The achievement held additional emotional significance as it coincided with the anniversary of the death of Yvonne Quill, Killarney’s long-time leader.

The elation and pride of the victors mirror the collective endeavors, commitment, and enthusiasm energizing the TidyTowns initiative. It’s not just about the awards, but also about the journey, the bonds formed, and the positive impacts on the communities and the environment.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Tidy Towns

With plans to extend its influence to Northern Ireland, and indeed the wider county, the TidyTowns competition aims to foster broader and more inclusive community engagement. Efforts are underway to increase the diversity of participants, with a particular emphasis on engaging youth and marginalized groups.

Sustainability will be a central tenet in future competitions, with plans to integrate it into every aspect of the TidyTowns framework. New award categories to recognize ecological initiatives are in the pipeline, and increased support and resources will be provided to assist towns in implementing sustainable practices.


The Supervalu TidyTowns 2024 competition was a celebration of community spirit, environmental stewardship, and collective efforts towards sustainable development. From the immense engagement of the communities to the grand celebrations at Croke Park, the event marked yet another year of remarkable achievements. As we look ahead, we can expect the TidyTowns initiative to continue its mission of fostering sustainable and inclusive communities, setting an inspiring example for the rest of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ireland’s tidiest town?

Abbeyleix in Co. Laois has been named as the winners of the SuperValu TidyTowns competition for 2023.

Who won the TidyTowns this year?

Abbeyleix has been announced as the winner of the TidyTowns competition for 2023 by Minister Humphreys. Congratulations to Abbeyleix and all its TidyTowns volunteers! This year’s winner is truly inspiring.

Is TidyTowns voluntary?

Yes, being a volunteer with TidyTowns is voluntary and allows individuals to practice their passion for the good of their community, whether it involves the built environment, landscaping, sustainable living, local wildlife, or organizing a litter pick.

What do TidyTowns do?

TidyTowns helps communities improve their physical environment by engaging volunteers to make their own place brighter, friendlier, and more inclusive. It is about doing things properly through good planning, maintenance, and respect for natural amenities.

What is the aim of the Supervalu TidyTowns competition?

The aim of the Supervalu TidyTowns competition is to improve the appearance of towns and villages by encouraging local communities to create environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing areas.

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