Steps to Organising a Successful Meitheal

Harness the power of cooperative work and community spirit with our comprehensive guide on organising a successful Meitheal. From the inception of the idea, to the final execution and beyond, we guide you every step of the way.

Timebank Ireland:
Empowering Communities with Meitheal

Welcome to Timebank Ireland’s comprehensive guide on how to organise a Meitheal in the timebanking community. As the leading advocate for community-driven time exchanges, we understand the significance of Meitheal in fostering community resilience, social inclusion, and a sense of belonging. Here we will delve into the key aspects of Meitheal and timebanking, exploring how these concepts work together to create a supportive and thriving community network.

A diverse group of timebank community members coming together to organize a Meitheal event.

Understanding Meitheal and Timebanking

Meitheal is a deeply rooted Irish tradition that embodies the spirit of collaboration and mutual support. Historically, Meitheal represented a collective effort where neighbours came together to assist one another in tasks like saving crops or completing seasonal work. Today, in the context of timebanking, Meitheal takes on a new form, becoming an integral part of building a network where individuals can exchange services and support one another using time as a currency.

Timebanking, on the other hand, is a community-based initiative where members trade services based on time rather than money. The underlying principle is that everyone’s time is valuable, and by participating in timebanking, individuals can contribute their skills and knowledge while receiving help in return. This co-operative labour system fosters a sense of unity and cooperation within communities.


Steps to Organising a Successful Meitheal

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Organising a successful Meitheal in the timebank community involves thoughtful planning, effective collaboration, and a focus on community needs. This guide outlines key steps to create a successful Meitheal in your timebank community.

Steps to Organising a Meitheal

  1. Identify Community Needs and Strengths

    Engage in open dialogue with community members to identify specific challenges and needs. Conduct surveys, focus groups, and community meetings to gain insights into available resources.

  2. Collaborate and Plan

    Form a team of coordinators who will plan and execute the Meitheal. Establish clear goals and objectives, and develop a detailed plan for the event. Encourage participation from all community members.

  3. Connect with Relevant Members

    Reach out to relevant members within the timebanking community who can offer their expertise and valuable skills.

  4. Foster a Supportive Environment

    Create an environment where everyone’s contribution is valued. Encourage open dialogue and active engagement to ensure alignment with community values and interests.

  5. Implement the Meitheal

    During the Meitheal, coordinate efforts, track progress, and ensure effective communication. Regular check-ins and evaluations can help keep the event on track and address any arising challenges.


Organising a Meitheal in the timebanking community can empower community members, foster a sense of unity, and build a strong support network. We invite you to apply these steps and experience the transformative power of Meitheal in your community.

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