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Welcome to Timebank Ireland, a platform where time is the only currency. Our Timebanking community is designed to facilitate the exchange of services based on time, not money.

Our timebanking model is simple yet powerful: for every hour you spend doing something for someone in your community, you earn one hour of time credit. You can then spend this credit on having someone else do something for you. It’s about reciprocation, community building, and valuing everyone’s contributions equally.

Diverse group of people engaged in timebanking activities

From gardening help to cooking lessons, from language tutoring to pet sitting, all services are valued equally in our community. Everyone’s time is valuable, and everyone has something to offer.

Don’t wait to experience the life-transforming benefits of Timebanking. Join this extraordinary movement today and become a driving force for positive change in your community. Empower your life and the lives of others through Timebanking – it’s time to unlock a world of opportunities! Need help? Our Support team is ready to assist you.

Timebank Ireland

Timebank Ireland “A community exchange network. Give an hour of your time to your community and receive an hour time credit.”

Time is an invaluable resource, and Timebanking allows you to make the most of every moment. By utilizing your unique skills and talents, you earn time credits that can be redeemed for services you need. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional currency, and say hello to a world where your time is valued and appreciated.

In the heart of Timebanking lies the spirit of Mutual support. Connect with like-minded individuals who are eager to lend a helping hand and receive assistance when you need it. Together, you create a strong support system that fosters resilience and compassion within your community.

When you contribute your expertise to Timebanking, you empower yourself and those you help. By sharing your knowledge, you become a catalyst for positive change, creating a ripple effect of empowerment that touches countless lives.

Timebanking is not just about transactions; it’s about forging meaningful connections in your community. Through Community empowerment and active participation, you build Social cohesion and strengthen the fabric of society, fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Step out of your comfort zone and explore uncharted territories within your network. Engaging in Volunteer exchange provides an opportunity to learn new skills from others, broadening your horizons and enriching your personal growth.

In a world where trust and community ties are vital, Timebanking cultivates Social capital organically. By collaborating and supporting each other, you create a network built on reliability and mutual respect, laying the foundation for a thriving and harmonious society.

Timebanking opens the door to an interconnected world of Community networks. Connect with diverse communities, share experiences, and expand your horizons through collaboration, enriching your life with a tapestry of perspectives.

Embracing a Shared economy through Timebanking not only benefits you personally but also contributes to a more sustainable future. By reducing reliance on conventional resources, you actively participate in building a greener and more environmentally conscious society.

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