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ChangeX is a unique platform that aims to empower and connect communities with innovative solutions to tackle pressing social and environmental challenges. By serving as a hub for sharing proven ideas and projects, ChangeX strives to create a cohesive network of changemakers, social innovators, and funding partners. This way, individuals and organisations can easily access the necessary resources and support needed to drive positive change in their communities and beyond.

The core idea behind ChangeX is to create more inclusive, sustainable, and healthier communities by streamlining the adoption of impactful social innovations. By leveraging a technology-driven platform, ChangeX connects motivated individuals and groups with ideas, funding, and a growing community of like-minded members. This approach enables community builders to learn from their peers, collaborate, and accelerate their projects, ultimately making a meaningful difference on a local and global scale.

Recognising the increasing role of digital currencies in driving financial inclusion and supporting emerging technologies, ChangeX embraces crypto to facilitate engagement and transactions in the platform, providing users with a seamless experience as they work towards alleviating social and environmental issues.

Key Takeaways

  • ChangeX fosters a vibrant ecosystem for changemakers, social innovators, and funders.
  • The platform facilitates collaboration, accelerates the adoption of impactful ideas, and builds healthier, inclusive communities.
  • Embracing evolving technologies like crypto, ChangeX empowers users and maximises their potential to create positive change.

Understanding ChangeX

ChangeX: The Platform

ChangeX is a platform that connects communities with proven ideas and funding. It empowers local changemakers to implement innovative ideas from social innovators that promote healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable communities. The platform provides access to approximately 50 ideas that have already shown positive social or environmental impact.

The Power of ChangeX

ChangeX is a powerful tool in the hands of ambitious individuals and organisations seeking to drive social and environmental change in their communities. By leveraging the platform’s extensive database of tested ideas, changemakers can select initiatives best suited to their local context and needs, thus greatly increasing the likelihood of success. Furthermore, by partnering with funders and social innovators, ChangeX advances and accelerates the impact of these ideas, with the aim of positively impacting one billion people by 2030.

Key Pillars of ChangeX

The core elements of ChangeX revolve around the idea of empowering communities through several key pillars:

  • Proven Ideas: A curated collection of tested initiatives that have demonstrated positive social or environmental impact, drawn from a diverse range of fields.
  • Changemakers: The motivated individuals, groups, and organisations who champion the implementation of these ideas in their local settings, driving change from the ground up.
  • Accessible Funding: Ensuring that seed funding is available to overcome barriers and catalyse the spread of impactful ideas. ChangeX funds are selected by funders in partnership with the ChangeX team, making it easier for changemakers to secure financial support.
  • Research-backed Impact: To gain a deeper understanding of the effect their initiatives have on people and the environment, ChangeX examines research behind these ideas, ensuring that the programs promoted through the platform are grounded in evidence-based approaches.

Overall, ChangeX stands as a valuable resource for communities and organisations striving to create meaningful change in today’s complex world. By combining proven ideas, committed changemakers, and accessible funding, ChangeX assists in driving forward sustainable and inclusive solutions.

The ChangeX Community

Building Communities

The ChangeX platform plays a crucial role in helping communities grow and develop by connecting them with proven ideas and funding. They assist in facilitating the implementation of impactful projects that foster healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable environments.

Support and Engagement

ChangeX not only connects communities to ideas but also nurtures them by providing support and engagement opportunities. Through collaboration with partners like Microsoft, they offer funding to local groups, schools, and organisations to help them successfully execute their action plans. This level of engagement encourages teams to stay motivated and committed to their projects.

Empowering Local Changemakers

At its core, ChangeX aims to empower communities by working closely with local changemakers and social innovators. They provide the necessary tools, resources, and funding to help passionate individuals make a positive impact on pressing social and environmental challenges. Their ultimate goal is to reach one billion people by 2030, by expanding their influence and promoting transformative community ideas.

Social Innovations and Impact

Promoting Healthier and More Inclusive Society

ChangeX is an organisation that empowers communities by partnering with social innovators to address pressing social and environmental challenges. One of their main objectives is to create more welcoming, inclusive, and integrated communities, focusing on projects that promote a healthier lifestyle and social equality for everyone involved. By providing support and resources to jumpstart these initiatives, ChangeX enables communities to create lasting change and improve overall well-being.

Sustainability and UN Goals

ChangeX’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through their focus on community ideas that address environmental challenges, such as climate change, and social issues, such as inequality, ChangeX is taking important steps towards a more sustainable future for all. These innovative solutions not only contribute to individual communities but also have the potential to impact a wider global audience by sharing best practices and inspiring similar initiatives around the world.

Achieving Impact at Scale

With an ambitious goal of impacting one billion people by 2030, ChangeX is dedicated to scaling their social innovations and creating change on a global scale. By partnering with funders, changemakers, and other stakeholders, they aim to accelerate the growth of community-based projects and multiply their impact in various regions and sectors. As more initiatives gain traction and demonstrate success within their respective communities, ChangeX’s influence continues to grow and contribute to a healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable world.

Financial Aspects of ChangeX

Understanding Funding

ChangeX is a platform that empowers communities by connecting them to proven social and environmental innovations, as well as the finance and resources needed to implement them. In 2021, ChangeX demonstrated growth across several key metrics, with revenue from Impact as a Service partnerships growing by 145%. These partnerships accounted for 95% of all revenue, apart from community funds that were passed through the platform.

Accessible Funding and Resources

The platform provides accessible funding and resources to communities in order to help them implement beneficial projects. As a non-profit organisation, ChangeX relies on the support of various funding sources, including grants, donations, and partnerships with other organisations, such as the Lego Foundation. Through these funding sources, ChangeX ensures that communities have the financial support necessary to make a tangible difference in their region.

The Non-Custodial Wallet

In addition to traditional funding methods, ChangeX is also exploring the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to enhance its financial capabilities. A potential application of this technology is the use of a non-custodial wallet, which would enable communities to have increased control over their funds without the need for intermediaries.

A non-custodial wallet ensures that users have exclusive access to their private keys, allowing for secure and direct management of their funds. This approach could make it easier for communities to receive donations in the form of cryptocurrencies and manage their resources independently, further empowering them to take action and address the most pressing social and environmental issues in their area.

Adding the use of a non-custodial wallet to the platform will not only cater to the growing demand for crypto-enabled services but also reinforce ChangeX’s commitment to empowering communities by providing them with direct control over their financial resources.

ChangeX for Changemakers and Funders

Start a Fund

ChangeX provides a platform for communities to access proven ideas and funding, thereby empowering local changemakers and social innovators. Creating a fund through ChangeX offers full transparency and an audit trail, ensuring that the funding is distributed effectively to local groups.

Exploring Themes and Regions

ChangeX focuses on a variety of themes aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, resulting in the advancement of healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable communities. With its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and offices in New York and San Francisco, ChangeX operates across regions and enables access to resources needed for strengthening communities globally.

Impactful Projects and Their Measurable Impact

Partnering with changemakers, social innovators, and funders, ChangeX aims to accelerate their impact on some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. With a goal of impacting one billion people by 2030, ChangeX ensures projects focus on measurable outcomes, making it easier for funders to assess the success and effectiveness of their investments. The platform also simplifies the process of creating impact reports at the end of a partnership, providing data-driven insights into the projects’ accomplishments.

ChangeX’s Global Vision

Reaching a Billion People

ChangeX aims to empower communities across the world by connecting them with proven ideas and resources needed to strengthen them. With a target of impacting one billion people by 2030, ChangeX works to address some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges. By partnering with changemakers, social innovators, and funders, ChangeX aims to create healthier, more inclusive and sustainable communities globally.

Changemaking on a Global Scale

The organisation operates with a growing team of entrepreneurs that are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and have offices in New York and San Francisco. ChangeX connects communities not only to ideas but also to funding opportunities through their platform. They have teamed up with companies like the Lego Foundation for projects centred around learning through play, as well as Microsoft to support community groups, schools, and organisations in Dublin.

Collaborating with such partners allows ChangeX to extend their reach and make an impact on a global scale, ultimately working towards their goal of a more inclusive world and helping one billion people by 2030.

ChangeX and Crypto

Understanding Crypto with ChangeX

ChangeX, a crypto-friendly platform, offers users a seamless experience in managing and growing their digital assets. From investing in cryptocurrencies to staking for passive income, ChangeX aims to provide a comprehensive suite of tools for crypto enthusiasts and investors alike. With its intuitive interface, users can easily access and manage their crypto wallets without the need for complicated processes or excessive technical knowledge.

Staking and Earning Passive Income

One of the key features of ChangeX is its support for staking and earning passive income on selected cryptocurrencies. Users can stake their digital assets and receive staking rewards in the form of additional tokens or coins, depending on the affiliated coin’s protocols. This feature allows crypto holders to maximise their investment potential and earn consistent passive income while holding onto their assets.

Benefits of staking with ChangeX include:

  • Flexibility: Users are free to stake and unstake their assets at any time, without facing penalties or lock-up periods.
  • Security: The platform employs robust security measures to protect user funds and ensure a safe staking experience.
  • Transparency: All staking rewards are clearly displayed, allowing users to track their earnings in real-time.

The Future of DeFi with ChangeX

As the DeFi (decentralised finance) ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, ChangeX is positioning itself as a crypto-friendly bank with a DeFi core. By integrating DeFi investment tools into its platform, ChangeX aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the emerging world of decentralised finance.

Key features of ChangeX’s DeFi integration include:

  • Access to DeFi markets: Users can easily invest in a wide range of DeFi products, such as yield farming and liquidity mining.
  • Streamlined user experience: Advanced DeFi tools are made accessible to users in a user-friendly manner, reducing the complexity usually associated with such investments.
  • Innovative partnerships: ChangeX is actively exploring collaborations with various DeFi projects to bring innovative financial solutions to its user base.

By embracing DeFi technologies and offering them through an easy-to-use platform, ChangeX demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-changing world of digital finance.

The ChangeX Journey

Major Milestones

ChangeX is an organisation that has substantially impacted communities across the globe by providing them with innovative ideas and funding sources. Along the way, they have reached several major milestones. Starting in 2015, ChangeX successfully launched its platform in Ireland, followed by expansion into the United States in 2016 and the United Kingdom in 2018. They have already started making a significant difference in building healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable communities as evidenced by their growth.

Anticipating Changes

The team behind ChangeX is always on the lookout for the next transformative idea, closely following shifts in society, technology, and global issues to continually refine and improve their offerings. They aim to remain relevant and effective by anticipating how these changes will impact communities and adjusting their programs and initiatives accordingly. This forward-thinking approach has allowed ChangeX to stay at the forefront of social innovation and act as a valuable resource for those they serve.

Exploring Events

ChangeX has a strong focus on events as a way to engage their audience, amplify their impact, and foster deeper connections between communities, innovators, and funders. Their partnership with Grow Remote in 2018 allowed them to move from a national event model to a local chapter model, effectively connecting remote workers throughout Ireland. By actively exploring and participating in events, ChangeX continues to discover new opportunities for growth, furthering their mission to empower communities everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects does ChangeX support?

ChangeX supports a variety of projects aimed at building healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable communities. They connect communities to proven ideas and funding from social innovators and partners, helping local changemakers implement these projects.

How does ChangeX secure funding?

ChangeX secures funding through partnerships with organisations, businesses, and philanthropic sources. By collaborating with these partners, they are able to ensure adequate resources to implement transformative ideas within communities.

What is the role of Microsoft in ChangeX grants?

Microsoft is one of ChangeX’s partners and provides funding support to the platform. Through this partnership, Microsoft contributes to the efforts of building healthier and sustainable communities by empowering changemakers with the resources they need to implement innovative ideas.

What is ChangeX’s Open Orchard initiative?

The Open Orchard initiative by ChangeX focuses on the creation of urban orchards in public spaces, contributing to community development and well-being by promoting the cultivation of local, healthy and sustainable food resources. This initiative aligns well with ChangeX’s mission to create more inclusive and sustainable communities.

What does ChangeX Street Feast entail?

ChangeX Street Feast is a programme that encourages neighbours to come together and share a meal, fostering social connections and building relationships within the community. The initiative aims to strengthen local ties and promote inclusivity among community members.

How is ChangeX associated with Accenture?

Accenture, a global professional services company, is a strategic partner of ChangeX. Through this association, Accenture contributes both funding and expertise to support ChangeX’s mission, helping to create healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable communities by leveraging innovative ideas and strong partnerships.


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