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Skills to Exchange



-Adult autism diagnosis and support

I can advise you on how and where to get a diagnosis and what to expect during the process. Benefits, worries and supports on receiving one ect.

-Navigating disability support services in Post primary education

Having gone through the system myself and recently qualified as a secondary school teacher I may be able to let you know what you or your dependent’s are entitled to while in education.

-Resources and technology for dyslexia and autism

I can recommend resources such as books, websites software and hardware for people with specific learning difficulties and or autism. Appropriate language to use when talking about Neurodiversity.

All the skills I can offer call from my own experiences as a Neurodivergent person. Specific learning difficulties and autism are a special interest of mine and I’m happy to info dump as best I can for you!

Local Town

Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland